Fresh-Seafood_Web copyThe seafood industry wasn’t that well established in United States 30 years back. Lindex Inc. was just importing and exporting meat products.

At that time, Lindex Inc. felt and saw the potential to share the fresh and healthy fishes from the shores of Asia and promote healthy eating.

From the past 30 years, Lindex Inc. has a very well establish relationship amongst suppliers and consumers of the seafood industry as Lindex Inc. always tries to broaden the diversity of the seafood industry in USA as well as some parts of Asia.

What We Currently Do:

Importation and Wholesale of Frozen Seafoods to Nationwide Sales (North America)

Exportation to our partner’s designation. (Pacific Rim and World-Wide)

   Some of our product includes:

  • Frozen Tilapia (whole and cleaned)
  • Tilapia Fillet (normal and deep skinned, IQF or IVP)
  • Alaskan PBO Pollock Fillet
  • Vietnam Swai Fillet <Pangasius Hypophtalmus> (B/L S/L red meat off, belly off, fat off, packed IQF or Blocked)
  • China Bull Frog Leg <Rana Catesbeiana> (skinless, belly flaps off, toe nails off, saddle bone removed, IQF,IWP)
  • Shellfish <Lobster, Shrimp, Clams, etc.> (HOSO,HLSO,HLSLTO,PND,PUD, Blocked or IQF)
  • Squid <Whole, T/T, Tube, etc.> (tube and tentacle cleaned 70/30%)
  • Imitation Crab Meat Stick and Flake (35-40% Surimi)
  • Chum Salmon PBO Fillet <Oncorhyuchus Keta> (B/L S/L or S/ON, IQF, IWP or IVP)
  • Crawfish <Whole Raw, Whole Cooked, Cajun Style Cooked Tailmeat>
  • Sea Cucumber <Fresh Frozen, Half Dry, Fully Dry>
  • For more inquiries on our products and quotation. Please contact us here

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