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Lindex Inc. has been conducting worldwide trading activity for over 30 years. Lindex Team are knowledgeable in most commodity markets, local wholesale and international trade. Lindex Team are trained to perform at the highest level of integrity and professionalism. Partnering with Lindex Inc. will benefit you from our size, reputation, financial backing, excellent customer service, and peace of mind.

How Lindex Inc. Started Trading

In 1982, Pennon Inc was established in US to act as a purchasing department for Kakuni Sangyo Kabushiki Kaisha. Pennon Inc initially focuses only on purchasing for Kakuni Sangyo Kabushiki Kaisha. As business expands, Pennon began to import & export seafood and frozen meat. In 1995, Pennon Inc. was restructured into Lindex Inc. Headquartered in City of Industry, California, USA and focuses on two major divisions: International Trading and Foods (Frozen/Dried/Live Seafood, Meat, Agricultural products, Vegetarian, Snacks and Drinks).

Lindex Inc Team Today and the Future

As a company who had withstand 30 years of Worldwide Trading. Lindex Inc. aims to continue to serve and adapt with the fast-changing business methods without leaving behind Lindex Inc. core value of integrity and professionalism.

Lindex Inc. has expanded it’s import and export into Automobile Industry as well as Recycling to take part in social responsibility. Lindex Team noticed the increase in many unused materials (plastics, papers) world-wide and took the initiative to take part into reusing or resupplying these materials for further usage and not just go into waste.

 With a new group of enthusiastic team members and the idea of globalisation. Lindex Team aims to promote and help our partners spread worldwide awareness through Lindex Inc. platform worldwide.

Hopefully, together with Lindex Team, we can open the Gateway to Worldwide Awareness.

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